Advertisers To Spend More On Mobile Than ‘Fixed’ Platforms For First Time Ever, Study Says

Are you a business owner or advertising executive? Do you have a brand or product that needs advertising? If so, don’t waste your time or money buying ad space on anything except mobile platforms. According to technology news website Recode, ad spending on mobile is expected to hit $18 billion by 2018. What’s more, that’s a growth of 49 percent compared to a predicted dip of 1.5 percent to $15 billion for “fixed” video sources such as laptops and computers. Per the Recode article, the decline or advertisement spending for laptops and computers will be the first these platforms have ever seen. According to modern media expert Gary Nerlinger, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. 


“Take a step back and asses your own behavior. How much time do you spend looking at your phone or table on a daily basis,” Nerlinger, who has monitored digital data trends for decades, said. “Now compare that to time spent sitting in front of your desktop or with a laptop on your lap. Notice a stark difference?”


According to the Recode article, the average consumer is expected to spend 36 minutes per day watching video on their smartphone or tablet while it’s a mere 18.5 minutes on other platforms. Even though there has been a decrease of viewership on desktops and laptops, and the fact that “smart” televisions haven’t caught up to close the gap just yet, the article states that online video consumption has climbed 20 percent across recent years. This fact is something social media giant Facebook is keeping a close eye on, as it plans to roll out 6-minute advertisements before or during videos in the near future.

According to Recode, online advertising via videos is responsible for 28 percent of all digital display spending. To Nerlinger, who has done plenty of research into live-streaming high-definition cable television, the news that mobile platforms have outpaced fixed ones doesn’t really come as a surprise. Ours is a society that needs questions answered immediately and various forms of entertainment, just a few clicks and swipes away.


“Advertising is an ever-shifting game and meeting the needs of consumers takes time and research. As this development shows us, people are entertaining themselves while on the go and either not using desktop computers at home or opting for the ease of a smartphone to accomplish the same tasks,” said Nerlinger.


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