The way that we watch television is changing. For decades, watching TV was a static experience, limited to the passive viewing of content made available by a distributor, viewed through a single device, in a single location, at a particular time. But consumers are no longer content with those options. With the accelerating accessibility of video content through laptops, tablets, and other web-enabled devices, watching online video and streaming television is a dynamic viewing experience, characterized by flexibility and interactivity.

Giga Entertainment Media (“GEM”) has developed a cutting-edge product solution that capitalizes on the trends described above. GEM offers an “Interactive Digital Distribution Platform” that can function as an app on tablets, and a web portal for use on laptops and smart TVs, with versions for OSX, iOS, Android, and Windows. The platform makes digital content, including live video, canned video, user-generated content, and gaming content, available to an authenticated user and user group. GEM’s Dynamic Multi-Window Viewer transforms a single screen into a customized multi-screen viewing environment. GEM’s Stream Management feature uses proprietary synchronized buffering technology that allows simultaneous viewing of multiple uninterrupted content streams. Users can choose pre-set grid configurations with 4, 5, or 6 windows, or create a customized grid. Each window can be populated with live or recorded streaming and non-streaming content chosen by the user or inserted by the content provider.

The GEM platform and its Dynamic Multi-Window Viewer supercharge horizontal interaction between viewers to provide the “Social TV” experience consumers want. Viewers can multitask by browsing the web and e-mailing while simultaneously viewing multiple content streams, all within a single viewing environment. They can interact throughout customized Twitter and IM applications embedded within the GEM platform. The platform also includes a proprietary video chat function that allows GEM viewers to chat while viewing shared content or separate content. GEM offers customized integration services that will allow licensees to track user viewing data and advertiser preferences in order to create customized advertising insertions into one or more of the platform viewing windows. The platform can also be integrated with the licensee’s billing and payment systems, enabling instant “one-click” purchases by subscribers, with products shipped to the subscriber’s billing address.

GEM’s platform is available to be licensed on a white-label basis to television and video content providers and app developers who are committed to taking the viewing experience to the next level. Contact us today, and let us help you show your viewers the future of entertainment.



James Massa

Chief Executive Officer


Gary Nerlinger



Eddie M. Huey 

Chief Technology Officer

Eddie Huey joined GEM in 2014 bringing over twenty years of extensive technology experience that span the finance and entertainment industries, with expertise in enterprise computing, complex information systems, telecommunications, internet strategies, as well as A/V Media. In his role at Giga Entertainment, Eddie is responsible for leading and driving the overall technology vision and strategic initiatives for the organization. Eddie has served in various capacities at E*Trade, Legg Mason, AXA Financial and CBS Broadcasting Inc.


Carmen Weingrad

Investor Relations