At the Touch of our Fingertips

Each and everyday is a chance to improve upon yesterday. Yesterday is long and forgotten and so is the non-digital age. The world that we live in will be very different from the generations prior to us. That is true for every person alive today as well. We all have an opportunity to shape the course of this world each and everyday. With the small little devices we all carry around in our pockets, or on the computer we use to serve the web, we have endless possibilities. Those possibilities will never be taken from us either, because the internet isn’t going anywhere. So the question is, where will it take us and what will we do with it?

For the sake of argument, there is no question that the digital age was created back in the 1980’s, but where the real spark to this digital craze began was when those capabilities became portable and could be taken on the go, easily. Laptops were a revolutionary invention allowing anybody the capability to work on something in their home, pick up the same device they previously worked on, move to another location, and start working again. This started it all – following the laptop, everyone wanted the smaller, sleeker, simpler, and of course more mobile, look and feel.

Steve Jobs was the slingshot to this movement when the iPod was created, back in 2001. The iPod was revolutionary in itself, as we transitioned from one CD that was able to play 25 songs at most, to thousands, without having to reach for another CD ever again.

Where our digital age really skyrocketed us toward the future, was the when the iPhone was created, which was shortly followed by the iPod Touch in 2007. In a few years, our lives were changed as we know it. The ability to have a small computer within the palm of your hand, go wherever you’d like with it, and not be plugged in whatsoever, is the life we know today. What is so fascinating about this? Well, no era has seen anything like this EVER before.

For the past four decades, society has laid the foundation for the next century and centuries after that. By completely flipping the script from centuries before us, and with this new era that we have in front of us, endless possibilities lie at our fingertips every single day. There are countless amounts of ways to improve this world we live in today, using these advancements. I’ll leave this question for you to think about; What will you do with this technology to benefit our society?

Here at Giga Entertainment Media, we believe we are benefiting our society by giving a voice to the people who have never had a voice before. Our platform gives a user the most simple way to spread their voice on any topic they choose. Since the common everyday individual is usually swept aside like their opinions don’t matter, we’re here to say that you do. We’ve created the opportunity for you to be heard and change the world via technology.


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