Battle of the American Icon

This weekend, we gear up for yet another spectacular showdown between two fantastic teams, with two completely different paths that brought them to this final game. The tradition continues for yet another year. Although the holidays are over and done with, the spectacle of the Super Bowl has become a holiday itself. This “holiday” gives us a chance to meet with close friends/family, enjoy great comfort food and drinks, critique commercials, but most of all, watch some high quality professional football.

Super Bowl LI, will be the fifty-second championship match of the new era in the NFL. The stage was set after a shocking AFC Championship where the New England Patriots had another unbelievable comeback win after losing at halftime, and a blowout NFC Championship match where the Philadelphia Eagles demolished the Minnesota Vikings. The big game will be played at U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Sunday, February 4th at 6:30 EST. NBC will be broadcasting the game with host’s Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth announcing the play by play.  

The likely favorite, The New England Patriots, have brought themselves back to Super Bowl weekend, with a chance for back to back Super Bowl wins after last year’s incredible comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. Well, they’ve done it again, and half of America resents them for it. Meanwhile, all of Massachusetts and select Pats fans reap the benefit of trash talking all of their haters off as they compete for their potential 6th Super Bowl ring. The unstoppable force that has driven them to the playoffs 15 times in the past 17 years, 8 Super Bowl appearances, and 5 actual wins, is piloted by the impeccable trio of Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. These three have been together since their very first Super Bowl, and have proven their doubters and the league wrong on how successful they can be, year after year. Many have tried to get a slight edge over them, with “Spygate” and “Deflategate”, but they have not skipped a beat. The latest debacle, conjured up by media headlines, says the dynamic trio is not on the same page when it comes to trading away their future successor to Tom Brady. As we can see, that has affected them dearly, as they prepare for yet another appearance in the Super Bowl, and throw that story in the trash.


The Philadelphia Eagles haven’t had the same storyline, but their journey is just as notable since their starting quarterback who brought them to the playoffs isn’t even playing. He, who unfortunately tore his ACL, is taking up the backup role as he heals his injury. The backup, Nick Foles, has now taken the lead role, which has completely shocked the world. Can he take the Eagles to the promised land? We’ll have to wait and see, but what a storyline it would be if the BACKUP QB took down the Pats. The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl either, so this would be the first-ever Lombardi trophy to be brought back to the city of Philadelphia; which would be a show of its own, to see just how passionate Eagles fans are if they win. The chance to take down the Patriots in the Super Bowl is something that is not taken lightly and would put them in the history books forever. Their conference rivals, the New York Giants, were the only team to do this before, so this would definitely throw some shade at them by putting them in the same category. Unlike the Patriots, the Eagles rely heavily on their defense, which is another card in their wheel because, as the old saying in football goes, “defense wins championships.”

Halftime is the name of the game for the Super Bowl.  It is extended an extra 15 minutes, to be a half an hour in total. This can be a HUGE momentum killer, as we saw last year with the Pats. Justin Timberlake will be performing the show, and with a stain on his Super Bowl performance legacy a couple of years ago, it is surprising that he was asked to perform again. All eyes will certainly be on him to see if there will be any other major mishaps that will spark another rise.

The stage is now set and both teams have punched their tickets and are looking to cash them in for a Lombardi Trophy. Come Sunday, America will be gearing up to watch the fate of these two teams as they enjoy some cold refreshments, filling comfort food, and most importantly friends and family. All and all, this is what’s it’s about, this is what we come back year after year for. The greatness of this championship never fails to entertain, so get your drink and plate ready to watch the big game.

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