Multiscreen. Multitask. Interact. Innovate.

GIGANETTV offers an innovative product solution to white-label licensees on a global basis. GIGANETTV’s Interactive Digital Distribution Platform makes digital content (e.g. live video, canned video, user-generated content and gaming content) available to an authenticated user and user group. The GIGANETTV platform has multi-stream interactive capabilities (via multiple simultaneous data and video streams) that allow for interaction and communication from the user back to the system, or between groups of users. This interactive capacity is the foundation for many of the social and transactional capabilities of the platform and its supporting digital infrastructure. The platform’s capabilities make it the ideal white-label infrastructure enhancement for video distribution companies, video networks, and virtual network operators.

From the consumer standpoint, the GIGANETTV platform offers a groundbreaking proprietary application that provides an integrated viewing environment for tablet and laptop users. The platform can function as an app on tablets and a web portal for use on laptops, with versions for iOS, Android, and Windows.

  • Content Window
    These windows are what hold your provided rich media (audio, video, chat) content. They are exchangeable and resizable.
  • icon2
    The space is a page for your content windows. You can have an almost unlimited amount of spaces, totaling up to 30 active windows.
  • icon3
    Your space menu holds all of your predefined spaces, or allows you to configure an additional space. You can scroll through and select any space at any time.
  • icon4
    When clicking in a content window, the platform will take you to your provided content. From there, whatever available content you choose will appear on that window.


  • GEM’s Dynamic Multi-Window Viewer transforms a single screen into a customized multi-screen viewing environment.
  • Synchronized buffering allows simultaneous viewing of multiple uninterrupted content streams.
  • Users can choose pre-set grid configurations with 4, 5, 6, or 7 windows, or create a customized grid.
  • Each window can be populated with live or recorded streaming and non-streaming content chosen by the user or inserted by the content provider.


  • Research shows that television viewers frequently multitask using a second digital device (tablet, laptop, or smart phone).
  • GIGANETTV’s multi-window streaming capabilities allow primary viewing and multitasking to take place on single screen.
  • Web browsing, e-mail, and document drafting and editing can be allotted screen space throughout multi-window viewer, without interrupting primary viewing.
  • Efficiency optimized through ability to shrink, expand, and shift location of individual task windows.
  • Precision sizing and configuration puts the user in control.


  • The GIGANETTV platform supercharges horizontal interaction and the “Social TV” experience.
  • Twitter and Instant Messaging – Viewers can interact throughout customized Twitter and IM applications embedded within the platform.
  • Video chat –The platform includes a proprietary video chat function that allows viewers to chat while viewing shared or separate content.
  • GIGANETTV’s white-label licensees can leverage network effects through viewing circles and a shared screen “remote living room” experience.


  • Innovation through integration
  • Integrate customer viewing data with advertiser preferences for customized ad insertions into GEM viewing windows.
  • Automated “web crawler” embedded into GIGANETTV activates link suggestions for viewers based on viewing history and content selections.
  • Customized ticker – GEM licensees can choose content to populate rolling “ticker” that may include live links to other web-based content, including advertiser websites.
  • Digital Rights Management – The GIGANETTV platform incorporates a full suite of DRM capabilities, designed to limit access to an authenticated user group and prevent piracy or unauthorized distribution.
  • Instant purchase/”Buy Now” option
    • GIGANETTV can be integrated with licensee’s billing and payment systems.
    • Enables “instant one-click” purchase or activation by consumer.
    • Advertised products can be shipped to customer’s billing address.