March Madness

Everyone you know, for the next couple weeks, will probably look like they’re working, but in reality they’re most likely going to be watching “the madness”. “The madness” is, a 64 team winner-takes-all College Basketball Tournament, and is what we like to call “March Madness”. This tournament is like no other, and leads to very surprising and exciting outcomes that keep everyone on the edge of their seats. People go nuts for this every year, and the winners are practically impossible to predict.

This also creates incredible opportunity for every team participating in the tournament. Players and coaches lives for this moment, and it is a true test of character for an individual. The whole tournament is close to a month long, so sprinting your way to greatness is impossible. Teams and players have laid their foundations brick by brick all season long, to now begin their journey.

To be able to play in this tournament is nothing short of special, because most of these players may never play in it ever again. It will either bring the best or worst out of them, so in order to stay afloat, it’s up to them to seize this moment, especially if they have dreams to play in the pros.   

Each team has their strengths and weaknesses, but only one can win. With a tournament like this, all it takes is a couple of players to get hot, and they could find themselves playing on championship weekend. This is exactly why this tournament so interesting for fans.

The vast number of teams that find their bids to play for the championship blows any other playoffs out of the water. On top of basketball being a game of runs, the door is left wide open for underdog teams to go toe to toe with a team eight seeds higher than them, which happens every year. It’s the chance to watch incredible basketball where players leave everything on the line and that just makes for great entertainment for those of us watching.

The University of Virginia and Villanova are the favorites everyone is talking about. They certainly have the pieces to accomplish this lofty goal, but come April 2nd, really anyone could be lifting that trophy, and that is what so great about this tournament.  

Millions of people tuned in for the tip off of the tournament yesterday, and it was an incredible start with 16 teams solidifying their two-round spot to continue dancing, while the other 16 will mosey their way back to school, ending their season for the year. Today we have another 16 games to tip off, and again, millions will be tuning in no matter what obligation they have today. We will start today’s showing with 7th seed Texas A & M taking on 10th seed Providence at 12:10 so get your work done now to amp up for todays games.

Great entertainment leaves for great discussion, so go share your all of your favorite teams, players and plays on Selfeo throughout the tournament! #EnjoyTheMadness

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