“Play-n-Score” is a program/mechanism for users to have the ultimate engagement and interaction with any sporting event, play by play. Whether at the game or from home, you have the opportunity to win a monetary cash prize.

This program is a technically advanced performance module with an automated scheduling system of live sporting events that will make the experience of a sporting match more immersive and engaging, while giving everyone a chance to win money.

“Play-n-Score” is not gambling. We take absolutely no monetary collateral from our users. What separates ourselves from other gambling applications is by using a prediction based model instead of a betting based one.  At no point in the process do we take money from our users. We use a prediction algorithm in order to choose our winners. Users of the app do not place anything down in order to play. They simply log on to the app and plug in their predictions in order to have a chance to win. “Play-n-Score” differs from its contenders because it asks the user to give nothing; participating, predicting, and winning is as easy as having a thought, with nothing to lose and everything to gain. This drives more interest to the sport and live content.

Play-N-Score Mockups