The Parkland Tragedy

We woke up today, to the heartbreaking report of 18 innocent victims taken from their families and friends in Parkland, Florida. Love and compassion are supposed to be the center of attention on February 14th, but yesterday our country was reeling in horror with a story such as this.


We at Giga Entertainment Media want to express our deepest condolences to the families and friends of the victims and those who were a part of these treacherous acts of terror. We understand how difficult and emotional these times are for you and would like to tell you that you’re not alone throughout this process. Our country cries with you today, and our country joins you in the outrage you may be feeling. Your loved ones were suddenly taken from you, and that will take time to cope with, but hopefully, the rest of the country can come together to understand how painful this time will be for you and attempt to prevent future devastation.


To start, we begin with the media. Quite often when stories like these occur, the media glamorizes the terrorist. The media digs and digs to find as much information as they can, as fast as they can, but on who? It’s always the shooter first, and that’s the common theme for every media platform. This only glamorizes the terrorist more. As a country and as collectives, news platforms should come together to focus on, remember, and express condolences for the victims taken from these acts and their families and friends. On the contrary, focusing on the terrorist gives other potential unstable people the hope that they may be remembered for such heinous acts.


As impossible as it is to understand why someone would do something so terrible, this is one of the reasons why. As the shooters get glamorized and become, in a way, “anti-heroes”, they know they will be thrown on every news station in the country for doing something like this, which only dominoes from there to bring on the next similar incident, and the horrible cycle continues.   


The next step would then be to regulate what weapons an everyday citizen is allowed to purchase. According to an article posted by USA Today, the AR-15 weapon can be traced back to almost every shooting in recent years such as Aurora, Newtown, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando, Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs and yesterday’s shooting in Parkland. That’s not by chance either. That is simply because it is immensely easy to access and to purchase. Regulation of these sorts of weapons is essential in this fight against gun violence and cannot be brushed aside anymore.   


Mental health is another crucial factor in these terror acts as well. More than we know, people walk around every day with mental health issues. It’s incredibly hard to understand because people can be looked at as “normal” in society’s eyes, but actually have a lot going on beneath the surface.


Mental health needs to be a top priority for schools, as this is one of the pressing issues of our time, that leads to instances such as the one we saw yesterday. Mental awareness is a tool that can be utilized for the rest of these students lives, because everyone needs to take a step back sometimes. These kids are never taught these skills though, and don’t understand why they feel the way that they do. How could we possibly expect kids to go to class and learn a subject, without understanding what’s going on in their lives or giving them the space to begin to understand what is going on in their hearts and mind? This will only help them manage whatever is going on and put them in a better mental state to learn and to thrive. Unfortunately, mental health is seen as a taboo subject, and kids that suffer from mental health issues more than others, tend to be alienated. Mental health needs to be a part of the curriculum and added to public schools across the country so we can bring everyone in on the conversation. This way there is more support, openness, and connection.


We as a country now have the social responsibility to be outraged at these acts of violence and demand that things change. Too much blood has been spilled for events such as this, to just come and go and for us to wait for the next incident, then take action and fix the problem, when in reality, these terrorist acts have become the norm and that’s very sad to say.


It’s up to us now. We must make a stand against this to flip the script and make preventing acts like this the norm! You can do this easily right now by texting ACT to 644-33.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the families.


Rest In Peace.  

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